Cognitio Offers


Cognitio employees have the opportunity to participate in the company’s 401(k) plan, which includes an aggregate contribution of up to 10%, made up of employee contributions and company matching, which is fully-vested from day one.



Cognitio is committed to maintaining a workplace that empowers employees to develop their own work-life balance while honoring their business obligations. To that end, we offer a flexible, adaptive work schedule that includes 7 week of PTO, inclusive of vacation, sick leave, and 10 federal holidays.


Cognitio has a Platinum BC/BS plan with Anthem for Medical and a premium Anthem plan for Dental. Vision is provided by VSP. Cognitio pays 100% of premiums for employees, and 50% of premiums for spouse/dependents.


We offer an EE-funded FSA, and an EE-funded HSA is available for those who choose a High Deductible Health Plan.


Membership to Sport and Health. Discounted rates are available for spouse and family.



Employer-paid basic life insurance coverage of $200,000 for the employee, $10,000 for spouse, and $5,000 per child is provided and paid for by the company.  Optional, additional employee-paid life insurance coverage is available for the employee and dependents.



Short-term and long-term disability coverage.



ZR_239_JOBSoftware EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_238_JOBNetwork AdministratorRestonVirginia
ZR_236_JOBSoftware EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_235_JOBSoftware EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_233_JOBData ScientistRestonVirginia
ZR_232_JOBCloud EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_231_JOBCloud EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_230_JOBCloud EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_229_JOBCloud EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_224_JOBFSR Product ManagerWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
ZR_222_JOBFSR Cybersecurity ManagerWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
ZR_220_JOBCloud Data EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_219_JOBIT Solutions Planner and SpecialistRestonVirginia
ZR_217_JOBSoftware Engineer with JoomlaRestonVirginia
ZR_216_JOBOracle Database EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_213_JOBSoftware EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_212_JOBTest EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_211_JOBSystem AdministratorRestonVirginia
ZR_210_JOBSystem AdministratorRestonVirginia
ZR_208_JOBSystem AdministratorRestonVirginia
ZR_206_JOBNetwork EngineerRestonVirginia
ZR_204_JOBEnterprise and System ArchitectRestonVirginia
ZR_202_JOBExtract, Transform, Load (ETL) DeveloperRestonVirginia
ZR_201_JOBExtract, Transform, Load (ETL) DeveloperRestonVirginia
ZR_199_JOBCloud EngineerRestonVirginia

A Note About Clearances

Many of our job listings require a security clearance.  You must already hold the clearance level needed before we can consider you for a position.  Please carefully read the job description and note the clearance requirements.  If you don't have those, consider a different position.

Notice to Third Party Agencies

Please note that Cognitio Corp does NOT accept unsolicited resumes or candidate referrals from recruiters and third-party agencies. Currently, employees of Cognitio has no authority to accept a resume from a recruiter or agency. Resumes submitted to any Cognitio employee by a third-party agency and/or search firm will become the sole property of Cognitio. Additionally, no search fee will be paid if a candidate is hired for a position because of an unsolicited agency or search firm referral. Thank you in advance for your understanding and kind attention to our policy.

Tenaciously Aware 

Cognitio Corp. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, pregnancy, national origin, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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